Assalamualaikum Za,

I hope you are fine. Here I am, You in the past, writing this letter for you in the future.

Congratulation Za, you’ve reached many of your dreams recently, I believe a lot of things happened without you even realise. Well, what I see now you’re no longer the old Izzati who’s still a girl with dreams, you’ve been entering the reality of a woman with a husband and a son, as a wife and mother. You’re no longer single now, you’re married and 23.

I also know that you’ve sacrificed many things on your decision. Your dreams, your ambition, and maybe your life. Things aren’t the same anymore, the more you live the tougher decision you should make. And I hope you will never regret it. Being married and having a baby is a brave decision you made, while your friends might pursuing their dreams freely, but I believe yours is the path you should take now. Everything that’s meant to be it will be right?

Za, please remember to be grateful for anything you had in life. By being grateful, you’ll learn that all you have is the blessing Allah gave to you and it’s more than enough for you. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s life, because you had no idea what they have been through. Being grateful will make you always feel enough, so keep in mind to do that.

Then, I hope you’re still in contact with those who loves you. Your family, friends and colleagues that have accompanied you in this life. Hold them tight, maintain a good relationship with them because without them, you’re not the Izzati as you are now.

Well, lastly I would like to remind you to keep your worship to Allah. Increase your level by being istiqomah, remember this world is only a place to visit because the place to stay is in the afterlife. Make death as a beautiful reminder for you to beware of this life, insyaAllah Jannah will be the reward.
Thanks for reading this letter Za. Hope it will remind you that birthdays will always be a beautiful reminder on what you’ve done through your life.
Sincerely yours,
Izzati Robbi Hamiyya

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