Hello, thibiya here. Nice to meet you in my blog.
People often sees me as a person, specifically a girl with a head full of dreams which she called her list as the “dreams proposal” because she believed that everything that she wanted, what she desired the most will be able to be hers if it’s permitted.
Here, you won’t find any current news or hot gossip related on what’s happening recently, otherwise, you’ll only find a little note of someone’s life with her experiences and stories related to her accomplishment of dreams.
Not to brag, but to share that people should dream more in order to have their life more meaningful and has something to reach. Where, every person has their right to dream, no matter how much it is. Just write it down, say it loud to anyone especially your Creator in each prayer and definitely, struggling it to become true.
Because why?
Everything that’s meant to be it will be
Further information or any inquiries?
Kindly contact on: zhatythibiya@gmail.com

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